Conventional braces

Why 3M™ Braces?

3M is a global leader in technology, innovation and research. We've been producing inventive products that improve people's lives for over 100 years. 3M is the science, the exhaustive testing and the entrepreneurial spirit behind the brands you trust --like Post-It®, Scotch™, Thinsulate™, Nexcare™ and more.

In the braces arena, 3M produced the first stainless steel braces, the first adhesive pre-coated braces, color-changing bonding adhesive and true self-ligating braces.

3M BracesMetal Braces (Silver)

Many adults still have painful memories of the big clunky braces from the past. Luckily, times have changed, and so have metal braces. Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before with low profiles and strong adhesives.

Tinsel teeth beware: From silver and gold to a rainbow of color, today’s metal braces represent a brave new expression of confidence.

Victory Series™ Metal Braces
Introducing the new standard in braces comfort. Victory Series™ Metal Braces work like traditional full size braces -- without the bulk and discomfort.

  • Smaller braces enhance comfort and aesthetics
  • High bond strength provides firm, corrective forces
  • Unique natural curvature provides maximum contact and comfort
  • Smooth finish is easier on the lips and gums
  • Metal braces with colored bands have become a popular new way to decorate teeth

Clarity Ceramic Braces

Clarity braces accomplish your orthodontic treatment just like metal braces. With Clarity braces, "They'll notice everything but your braces."

Clarity™ Ceramic Braces may be used whenever metal braces are appropriate for treatment. While Clarity braces are strong like metal, they come off easily at the end of treatment. You can wear Clarity braces even if you participate in sports.

Clarity aesthetic braces are the clear alternative to metal braces. An attractive translucent appearance and comfortable design gives you all the self-confidence you need to face each day with a smile. You'll be noticed but your braces won't. You'll feel better about yourself knowing that the natural beauty of your teeth is shining through, and not your braces. And, Clarity braces won't stain or discolor. They'll look as good the day they come off as they did the day your orthodontist put them on. Ask your orthodontist about Clarity braces. Find out how you can have a smile that everyone will notice.

Consult an orthodontist or qualified dental practitioner to evaluate your orthodontic needs.

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